Some people will never get into reading books on an iPad or the Kindle or listening to audio books. They say that not being able to turn to the next page with their fingers isn't really reading. To them, books are meant to be read the way they were intended to; in the palm of your hand and paper running through your fingertips. You can't begrudge your girlfriend or uncle for maintaining their classic reading habits because there are lots of people just like them.

However, there are a lot of people out there today who have turned to alternative methods such as audio books or tablets when it comes to reading. Not everyone has the time to sit around in their condo and spend hours reading a book. They live busy lives and have other important things to do. Some people just really love gadgets and want to be on top of the next technological craze. That's where tablets and audio books come into play.

Audio books gives people the opportunity to enjoy their favourite books while also doing something else at the same time. Audio books are great for multi-taskers. Someone driving to their job could pop in an audio book CD in their car and listen to it during their drive to work. Other people, instead of listening to music while jogging, could jog to the lyrical and narrative beats of their favourite author.

Reading a book the old fashioned way means having to focus your attentions on your book and absolutely nothing else. If you're reading a book you have to be reading that book. You don't have the opportunity to do anything else unless you put that book down. Listening to audio books allows you the luxury of doing something else. Audio books are perfect for those always on the go who want to read but don't have the time to actually pick up a book and sit down in their condo to read for a few hours.

Audio books are great for driving, to put your kids to sleep and to help make the day go by quicker. Pretty much every book has an audio book version available nowadays. Look into audio books if you feel like it might be of some interest to you and start getting your reading groove on.

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