Welcome to the NanoPress. We've chosen a variety of books which we believe to be relevant, interesting, and beneficial for our readers. We periodically peruse the marketplace to add to our current selection, and appreciate feedback from our readers as to the type of titles they would like to see added to our bookshelves. We select books written by those who are experts in their respective fields, as well as newer authors and entrepreneurs with a fresh take on things, people who think outside of the box. We also include books which make great gifts!

Please let us know your thoughts as to what types of books and other products you would like to see in order to make your time here more enjoyable and productive. Remember, we are building a community and value your suggestions and requests. If you'd like us to add a book you've found to be helpful, please let us know by completing the form below. If you are an author and would like us to consider adding your book, please feel free to contact us as well. There's no catch - we're all working together to provide useful information and resources, and gladly consider listing related products and services offered by our readers.

Our Catalogue

We're updating our booklist right now. Please try back real soon to see our editors current choices. We can suggest on editor in chief top pick right now, which concerning the clean water crisis in many countries, is very appropriate. You can learn about oily wastewater treatment as well as what other water filtration steps are being used in the industry today. That will get you started!

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