Never under estimate the value of used books. As they say, once something has been put into writing, there is no turning back and it is there forever. The written word is the permanent footprint. Ask any experienced Bolton real estate agent and they will tell you that this is absolutely true.

There is never really any ideal place where you can allow yourself to dream a bit. It can be in a book store as you browse through the plethora of book titles, or it could be at one of those cozy cottages on a warm summer's evening with the flies bouncing off the light fixtures.

We all have different ways to rest, relax, and dream. It could be while we are gazing at our computer screens. It could be while we walk in the snow during a blizzard, or sitting on a sandy beach admiring the waves roll gently towards the shore. It could even be while you are working on a landscaping project on beautiful spring day.

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Dreaming really does not cost anything; it is practically free for the taking. It helps you to recharge your batteries, gain fresh perspectives, and regenerate your imagination. You could even use some empty moments to help you decide whether or not to go after one of those goals you have.

Sometimes we need to follow the lead of our kids as they more than anyone else have an uncanny ability when it comes to being able to dream. As adults, it seems that more often than not, we need to use other means to help us get in the mood. Something as simple as taking time to share a cup of coffee with one's neighbour. Or even as we are using our drive pulley in a daily task.

Maybe it is time for us to wake up and smell the roses so to speak. Time for us to start appreciating our surroundings more and those around us. We don't have to spend too much time learning how to do it. We can start by allowing our imaginations to take over. We can find websites to help us find our way or we can go to spas, beaches, or simply stand outside on a cool day. Dreaming and relaxing is a time for all seasons and appropriate anywhere. So how about it?

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