Coffee shops aren't just a place you can go to buy coffee. They also fill many other roles in the lives of people who live nearby. It is fascinating, from a sociological standpoint, to look at just how much we depend on coffee shops to carry out our daily lives. Here is a brief look at some of the occasions, in addition to needing a cup of coffee, that warrant a visit to the coffee shop for many people.


Often times people who are attending an school in a big city don't have enough money to afford their own internet. The answer, for many of these people as well as anyone who is on vacation or out and about with a laptop is to visit a coffee shop, because most of them have free wireless. Therefore you will often see people working away in corners on laptops in the coffee shops, nursing a cup of java. These people might be finishing a presentation for the boss, writing a college paper, or even writing a novel.


If you need to meet up with your real estate agent, a work colleague, an old friend, or an online classifieds seller, where do you go? The coffee shop, of course. Coffee shops provide a neutral public place for people to meet where things generally aren't so crowded that you can't find each other or so noisy that you can't have a discussion. They're also a much cheaper alternative to meeting in a restaurant, where you'd be expected to buy a whole meal.

Group Gathering

People who want to get together with a group of friends don't have many free options. Churches and community centers are busy and want money for bookings. Yoga classes require you to do yoga, and often people's homes are too small. The solution: meet up at the coffee shop. Coffee shops are popular gathering places for community groups, book clubs, mentoring groups, and other collections of people.


Meeting someone for the first time can be nerve wracking. Are they really an event planner like they claim? Therefore for a first date many couples choose to meet at the coffee shop so their date can be as long or short as they want and they can meet in a safe public place. Many coffee shops are small enough that finding one another is easy. is brought to you by Ideal Warehouse Innovations

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