One of the most interesting things about living in this world is that everyone's different and you're guaranteed to meet hundreds of unique personalities in your lifetime. Since the ancient Greeks there are examples of people trying to explain our traits and trends and that has certainly not stopped today. You can read a story about the good of people creating a charity to build homes with lead-lined drywall in third world countries. Or you can dive into a study about the human condition. There are thousands of writings about the variations of people.

There are certain things that define who a person is and one of them is certainly their beliefs and morals. This deals with the big questions, like religion, to the smaller things, like whether or not they would lie on a job application to fix used machines. You can find all sorts of books and writings that have an opinion about the way that we should be living our lives. Even most of the fairy tales that we grew up with were first used as moral lessons for children.

What a person does with their time is another thing that's going to show who they are. This is the difference between someone who is a member of the OAA as a registered architect and someone who works building websites for ecommerce sites. What you do for a living usually helps to mark your place in society and is definitely a factor that builds a person's character. So are the things that a person does in their spare time, from their interests to the people who they choose to live with. This is about the relationships that we have and the things that we choose to do.

Whether you're living in Toronto or in a small town in England you're going to read stories about current events in your community and around the world. When you think about it, even the biggest stories are just about people and their choices and behaviors. You could compile a sheaf worth of paper that will talk about wars, the economy, and human-interest stories. All of them will tell you about one person or a group of people and how they have affected those around them.

From the second you step out your door or open a book you're going to see examples of the variations of people. And everyone has some interest into why they or others are the way that they are or do the things that they do. One day you might be looking for answers as to why a relationship ended and the next are reading about the patterns of a serial killer in the news.

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